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Why have a video library?
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What is a Video Library?

It is a GREAT amenity!

A Video Library is one of the most appreciated, best-utilized and lowest cost amenities available to the multi-family industry.

It increases Resident retention and improves Resident relations like no other service available.

But what is it?

In brief, a Video Library is an assortment of videos, similar to the titles that you would find in your local video store. It is normally a mix of 50 to 100 titles – Action, Drama, Comedy, Thillers, Classics (like Humphrey Bogart titles), Educational, Spanish, Exercise, Kids and Family…pretty much every kind of title that would see at your neighborhood video store.

Each community has a custom mix specially selected according to your Residents' requests. If you prefer not to select the titles - we will be happy to select them for you.

The videos are available for Residents to check out by simply going to the Leasing Office, selecting a movie and signing it out. The Resident returns it the next day and the process starts all over again.

Each month, VIDEO MONTHLY exchanges all of the old titles (100% of them) for an assortment of new titles. There is always a fresh mix to choose from. If everyone did not have a chance to watch a particular movie, and you want to keep one for another month - you can do that too - its your choice!

We offer both VHS tapes and DVD's, as they become available. The choice is yours!

Most communities provide the video library as a free amenity - The Residents love the availability and the convenience. If you wish to charge for the amenity - you can do that too; either way, our price is the same - it's your choice!