Why provide a Video Library?

Why provide a Video Library?

Resident Relations & Retention

Many Residents come to the leasing office only to pay rent (once a month). Or to complain (more often) or both. With a video library from VIDEO MONTHLY - Residents will come to the office in a more positive frame of mind. The office personnel will get to know Residents better and this helps tremendously with Renewals!

Leasing Tool

If a prospective Resident walks in the door and is considering two or more comparable communities and your Community offers the convenience of a Video Library - which one do you think the Prospect will choose? The Community that offers a video library that will save them time and money! It's a great additional tool to have available in your arsenal!

Economical & Effective

For less than a locater fee you can provide a great amenity for ALL your Residents! Not everyone uses a pool or an Exercise Facility … but everyone does enjoy watching a good movie – and with our services you can provide this very cost effective amenity!


VIDEO MONTHLY provides the best selection of tapes and DVD's available - all custom selected for your community.

No Repeated Titles - Once you get a title - you will not get it back for at least 1 year! Unless you request it back, of course!

Great New Releases - We get you new releases while they are new, while you still want to see them!

Complete new library each month - We change out 100% of your titles each month! Not half of them, not most of them - ALL of them each and every month!

Requests - We want your requests! We encourage your requests! Then we GET you your requests! With over 35,000 videos & DVD’s, chances are excellent that we have just the title you want!

Great Service - We take great pride in providing you the best service possible. We will exceed your expectations!

Experience - We have been providing great video libraries nationwide since 1989. This is not a sideline business for us. We know what we are doing and we can and will do a great job for you.