What it will Cost you

What will a Video Library cost

hat do we get for the $$$ ?

The Video Library pays for itself with increased Resident Retention and New Leases, but you do have to write a check each month. Here are our standard terms:

  • No long term contract - There is an initial 90-day contract only. After that the contract continues on a month-to-month basis.
  • NO Deposit - If you are a national management company with acceptable credit, there are no deposits required. A nominal deposit may be required if you are a smaller management company or self managed.
  • We provide everything you need! - At no additional charge, we supply the forms for sign-out, video agreements, membership cards, promotional door hangers and of course, great videos!
  • Fast start-up! - Once we get your OK - we can usually get your videos on the way to you within 48 hours. We know that once you decide that you want it YOU WANT IT NOW!

Levels of Service

Standard Plan

At least 15% of your library will be New Releases. You can have DVD’s with your VHS titles at no additional charge.

Economy Plan

At least 5% of your library will be New Releases. Only VHS titles are available with this level of service.


Prices range from as low as $2.50 to $4.50 per title per month. We also offer multi-property discounts as well as savings according to the size of your library. Shipping costs vary according to location.

We can probably match or beat any price from any legitimate competitor. (Although we don’t think anyone can do as good a job as WE can for you!)

We will be happy to quote you a total, turn-key price today … so we can get your video library going … as soon as the day after tomorrow!